Ever wondered why after centuries of years, there has not been an innovation to replace a writer's role?
Here is where we are walking the dream, driving passion into profit and leveraging skills into market worthiness. With Word Curate Hub's writing skills perfecting courses, I am looking forward to boundless moments of insight as we share our experiences doing what we all love doing best one way or other. Hoping that in the process, my writing skills will find a place amidst your vast pools of talent and diverse quality service provision goals that, interestingly, always need pen put to paper!.

Writing Services

Need to pitch that idea into a comprehensive and selling concept? Engage WCH for world-class research, writing and Editorial Services in various niches for all.

Online work Training


There can be no better teacher than the one who has been there. WCH is an academy of creative, virtual and digital skills development offering training in how to build an online 

Virtual Assistant Services

Understanding that your business needs an extra hand to get everything in one place, organized, researched, typed and edited. It needs just that second eye to help make your other skills stand out and with WCH you get all that and more from our Virtual Assistant Services. They come with a promise of efficiency, commitment and the ever growing desire to communicate your vision into the quality of business language that is on demand the world-over.


I am Lutrish Gandawa

Word Curate Hub came as a result of years of hard work
and dedication. After taking the plunge by leaving formal employment, I decided to live off what I can do best. I am a writer, an artist, a creative person who likes to collaborate and see projects taking shape. Equipped with these super skills, I am a freelance writer who is now taking my skills out there to share with you all…Read More

our vision

My goal is to be there and walk the talk along with others who, like me, desire financial freedom minus the confines of an 8-5 life. I would like to see a world where people with skills are able to give them directly and in the right qualities to people in need of those skills so that together the world is an ever churning cocktail of productivity. As a writer and personal skills development trainer, I have discovered the mystery of teaching in order to learn and together we will be the best versions of ourselves.

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