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Word Curate Hub came as a result of years of hard work and dedication. After taking the plunge by leaving formal employment, I decided to live off what I can do best. I am a writer, an artist, a creative person who likes to collaborate and see projects taking shape. Equipped with these super skills, I am a freelance writer who is now taking my skills out there to share with you all.

I live in Harare, Zimbabwe, with my daughter, son, and sister and love the outdoors, travel, reading and writing various literary works and music. In music, I am what my first grasp of deep words got from Whoopi

Goldberg; I am Eclectic! So as I write and as I research, I am tuned in to my ever-changing favorite tunes to give you what you will always feel as you read and enjoy my work. There is always some soul, attitude and depth to my writing that can only come from other deep soulful ones we know as musicians.

Above all, I am a strong Christian believer, my driving force in life is doing the best with the best that I got from the best

The Most High!



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